13-bedroom private villa Patong Phuket

Welcome to Reuan Thai Villa Patong Phuket: Where Comfort Meets Style

Elegance and Serenity Await you

Your Dream
Thai Retreat

With 13 exquisitely designed suite-sized bedrooms, each room has a high level of comfort and style. With the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 34 guests, Reuan Thai Villa is your ideal luxury villa and choice for family gatherings, corporate retreats, or a luxurious escape with friends.

Each room has its own style, layout and reflects a combination of a Thai traditional house and a modern 5-star hotel. The elegant Thai décor and contemporary amenities, give each room a unique ambiance and an unparalleled level of privacy and comfort.

A view to remember

Wake up and step out onto your private terrace of this luxury villa to enjoy breathtaking views. Whether it’s the vibrant sunrise or the peaceful evenings, this room’s view you’ll remember long after your stay.

The Ultimate Fusion of Thai Elegance and Modern Design


Cultural Elegance Meets Contemporary Luxury

Our luxury villa combines the rich heritage of Thai architecture with the sleek, sophisticated elements of modern 5-star hotel design.


Tranquil Private Villa & Modern Amenities

Experience the serenity of traditional Thai living alongside state-of-the-art facilities and technology, ensuring comfort and convenience.


Tailored Experience with a Personal Touch

Each aspect of the luxury villa, from the detailed Thai décor to the modern amenities, is carefully curated to provide a unique, personalized experience for every guest.

In our Thai Style Private Villa, guests enter an environment where cultural elegance meets contemporary luxury. Each aspect of the villa, from the Thai décor elements to the modern amenities, is carefully selected. We aim to offer our guests a unique, personalized experience, so their stay will create a long-lasting memory.

not your usual luxury villa

Your Exclusive Villa Overlooking Patong Beach

Nestled on a serene hillside just a three-minute drive from the vibrant Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand, lies a hidden gem of luxury and tranquility: our exclusive villa. And as you step through its grand entrance, you’re transported into a world where Thai elegance and modern sophistication blend effortlessly.

In-house Chef for
BBQ & Thai Buffet Dinners

Indulge in a culinary journey during your stay at our luxury villa Patong Phuket. When staying in this ultra-private property, you can enjoy delicious BBQs and Thai buffet dinners. As we like to believe our guests, dining at Reuan Thai Villa is an experience in itself.

Our in-house Chef

Our live-in chef is ready to tantalize your taste buds with a variety of flavors, taking you on a journey to enjoy renowned and traditional Thai dishes.

Pool-side BBQs

Enjoy freshly grilled delicacies at our poolside BBQ dinners, perfect for larger groups of friends, team bonding for businesses, and family gatherings.

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The Ultimate Relaxation

Each meal is an opportunity to unwind, connect, and savor the exquisite flavors, all while enjoying the luxurious ambience of our villa.

Making long-lasting memories

With the in-house catering at Reuan Thai Villa, we ensure every bite contributes to making your stay unforgettable.

Your Private, Luxury Villa in Patong

Ready to make lasting memories?

Reach out to us now and let the journey to an unforgettable experience begin!

Imagine a corporate retreat that’s more than just meetings and presentations, where luxury meets productivity, and every moment is an opportunity for growth and relaxation.

At Reuan Thai Villa, we don’t just host your corporate events; we transform them into experiences that inspire, invigorate, and leave a lasting impact.

Join us where business meets pleasure, where every meal is a feast, and every meeting is a step towards success.

Embrace the extraordinary, only at Reuan Thai Villa – where your team’s potential is unlocked in an ambiance of unparalleled luxury.